You have either the choice to get a general Bird-eye impression or a video “hole by hole”.

Depending on your strategies, interest and your budget, you can choose the package suiting your momentary needs. 

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This is a gimbal based short impression video Multimadia, that is more of a addition to the drone video, than a single impression video.

Go as front runner into aerial marketing to show your handicap.

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Social media has taken over all areas of business and entertainment. Make sure, you use the utmost latest techniques to go viral with your messages.
Even such a traditional and elegant game as golf, needs to be supported with the power of Social Media

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Since 6 years I have been one of the most successful organizers and instructors of Social Media & SEO Manager courses in Austria. Out of these graduates there are a few talented, who would be eager to assist your efforts in the right content creation and Seo activities.

Whether Birdie, Eagle or Albatross, we make sure, you stay under Par with Videos from above!


What is it for?

It can be a tournament participant wanting to have a picture of the course before playing without a practice round or a potential Greenfree Player looking for the beauty and challenges of the course

How to implement the motion pictures in your marketing efforts ?

If greenfree players decide where to play the next round, more and more the visual presentation will be the main criteria, where they want to spend the next golfing hours and greenfee money…

Why are Social Media are important for your club too?

So many old fashioned CEO`s have lost loads of money for their companies, because they didn’t jump on the train web 4.0. Do you want to do the same mistake with your Golf-club?

Golf Marketing Digital 4.0

Live Video is one of the most exciting outcomes of modern visualization techniques. With small budgets you are already in picture like Tv Teams few years back. Both aerial videos and gimbal operated cameras can make your event a highlight for all, the ones who are not there and the ones who watch it later and have been there.

SEO is one of the main pillars in all your advertising and marketing efforts. Nothing  shows as clear and immediate your inputs, as the statistics and analytics of your Search Engine Optimizations.


Social Media and SEO go hand in hand. Neither or without the other. It is a must to become active on a regular basis on various social platforms. The success and activity there shows in your results in all ranking machines. Visibility is a result of good content in all medias possible.

zwei Kolleginnen besprechen die Arbeit, das Notebook steht am Schreibtisch

Flying high with your club project and course itself is a result of strategic actions, often accompanied with the birds eye view from a drone.

We assist all your efforts to become a scratch player in Golf Club marketing .

Only your success satisfies our endavour to release your potential with sheer determination

Lets take off and start marketing new !