• “Birdie” flight over the course

    “Birdie” flight over the course

    These videographic captures from above the Golf Course will not only give everybody a fascinating impression of the playground to encounter, but enables the inner competitor and adventurer to step on the fields with a total new approach.

  • The right technique for a save project

    The right technique for a save project

    Due to our experience in cinema photography and drone mastering, we have the utmost chances to outplay the best course conditions. Our pilots studied the golf architectures due to their long and deep relationship to the game and make use of their pro golfers eyes […]

  • “Carpe” the peak Golf moments

    “Carpe” the peak Golf moments

    It takes the perfect weather and light conditions to catch the most advantageous pictures from above. Everybody wants to recall the moments of outer beauty to make their experience an unforgettable. We take enough time and patience to wait for the best moments to come.


Variation: ” BIRDIE ”

Short Flyover the course + clubhouse

This choice ensures you a three minutes video, which will cover the most beautiful parts of the course at preferred sunlight, including a flyover over the clubhouse and facilities.
Two different resolutions will be provided for the use on different platforms.

Why players watch flyover videos of new and
familiar Golf Courses ?

  • Golfers watch aerial videos, so they can learn about the best course strategies.
  • Videos can jumpstart their desire to conquer the course.
  • Though people might just watch out of curiosity, they end up going for the real.
  • The video creates a new motivation for a new challenge.

Birds view !